There is a global war heating up for the up and coming millennial workforce.  As the global economy heats up these battles will intensify.  I read an interesting article by Sameer Areff of SAP that makes this interesting point:  For those of us belonging to the Baby Boomers, Generation Y or Generation X – it’s second nature for us to remain focused on process. The up and coming millennial workforce, however, is thirsty for purpose.   Millennials, like the other generations, begin their careers with an extreme passion to achieve.  But they also want to work for organizations that will provide an opportunity to make a difference.

Areff points out that there are at least four aspects that make millennials different and valuable:

  1. They view dynamic change positively
  2. They believe businesses have the power to make a difference in the world
  3. They are keen to engage with good causes
  4. They see technology as a great tool for progress and growth

For these reasons, acknowledging the connection between purpose and retention is critical.  Also important is the understanding that this generation is born consuming technology as an intrinsic part of who they are.

Traditional recruiting and organizational development approaches need to be replaced with new initiatives focused on creating a culture of ingenuity, care, creativity and collaboration and a blending of wisdom and enthusiasm.  Blending those with experience with a bottom-up workforce that is rich with millennial talent is essential to redefine the future of work in your organization toward winning the war for the best millennial talent.

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