First Choice for Retained Executive Search


Our Role: Our role as a Premiere Retained  Executive  Search  Firm,  is  to  recruit people who can  create  a  decided  competitive  advantage  for our clients.

We have demonstrated success in recruiting exceptional individuals for board assignments, CEO’s, C Level functional executives, group and unit presidents, vice-presidents and directors across all functions serving a broad base of small, medium, and Fortune 500 sized U.S. and international  companies.

Mission: At Sourcing Spring, our mission is to win the relationships with our clients for life. We simply seek to be the best retained executive search firm available as measured by our client’s satisfaction and loyalty. We aim to help our clients to strategically invest in and develop their executive human capital, improve their organizations and achieve superior performance.

What Sets Us Apart? Jack Smith excels at assessing and recruiting business leaders with outstanding track records who will create competitive advantage and sustainable value. The national success of  his  executive  search  firm  is built on his insights into the people dynamics of corporations and their leadership requirements. Jack partners with the CEO and C-Level executives providing the consultative expertise with respect to planning for and building the management   team.

Jack helps CEO’s  and functional executives and managers throughout  all the functions of organizations to significantly improve how they strategically determine their human capital needs and how they identify, hire and develop their leaders. He is a strategic thinker able to help solve complex organization and business issues. His strategic human capital knowledge and experience promote superior   performance.

Our Goal: “Finding people who can create a decided competitive advantage for our clients” is the goal of every search assignment conducted by Sourcing Spring.  Sourcing Spring executive search consultants have in-depth industry specific knowledge and take the time to understand their clients’ needs and unique culture. Finding the candidate who not only possesses the requisite skills for a position, but is also a “cultural fit” is crucial.

A Unique Structure and Culture: At Sourcing Spring our culture is entrepreneurial, sensitive to local and global markets and able to react quickly to our clients’ needs.

We listen, learn and seek to understand: We strive to uncover what our clients really need by listening carefully, checking to confirm what we heard and offering guidance on how that is likely to impact the search

Defined Process: Our 5 Star process creates a unique Dimensional Assessment profile that matches a candidate’s personal skill level to position requirements, past experience to future expectations and management style to corporate culture (See Our Process for more details).

The proprietary Sourcing Spring 5 Star process allows our search consultants to drill deeper and match (1) the client’s expectations for the position with those of the candidate, (2) the technical requirements for the position with the candidate’s education and background, (3) the candidate’s experience and personality with the company’s culture, (4) the chemistry between the hiring manager and the candidate, and (5) the candidate’s experience and prior results with the client’s expectations for the major, measurable initiatives of the position.


The Personal Touch: Our business model is to focus on a relatively small number of clients with a small team of professionals who can “get close and personal” with the client and deliver outstanding results. We have deliberately kept our overhead and infrastructure to the minimum so we can offer “exceptional value” to the client, while optimizing the breadth and depth of the broader Sourcing Spring family of professionals. With the buying power of the CIG partnership we have negotiated superior terms on other “added value” services that are either built into the fee structure or made available to the client as requested.

State of the Art Technology: As a partner in the Sourcing Spring family, our organization has access to a comprehensive global database and suite of state of the art search tools that are linked to the majority of social media websites. As a result, clients get the benefit of “global searches” that widen the available talent pool of both active and inactive candidates. Our proprietary process allows us to optimize the benefits of database technology so we can accelerate and improve the search and selection process.

Global Reach: Through our affiliation with Cornerstone International Group offices worldwide, we have contacts and networks that reach to all corners of the world. Our world is truly “flat” and we are in a global “hunt for talent”. That reach is extended significantly with over 70 offices in over 40 countries.

CIG has been in continuous business operation for more than 30 years demonstrating true staying power and the ability to generate repeat business. Over the past 30+ years Sourcing Spring offices have partnered with clients to fill over 100,000 positions or as our slogan indicates . . . “finding people who can create a decided competitive advantage for our clients”.

Experienced Talent Acquisition Consultants: Sourcing Spring has on average over 20 years of experience in their industries providing a true understanding of what clients need.

“Right-Sized”: With offices worldwide, we have the buying power and leverage to provide our clients with access to the latest tools/technologies and yet each office is independently owned allowing the search process to be tailored to each client’s needs. Our moderate size also ensures that we have few “off limits restrictions”, which means that we have access to large target candidate populations.

Client-Centric: Since each office is locally owned and managed, we can be more responsive to your needs and requirements.