Our Process

Our Process

Definition: Understanding Attributes for Success

Most important to a successful recruiting mission is a thorough understanding of your operations, the specific requirements of the position to be filled and the corporate environment and management style into which the new employee will be placed. Using a proprietary process called 5 Star Search Process; we determine the skills, experiences and personal characteristics necessary to be successful in the position.


Our recruiting process is based on our unique knowledge regarding how to find the best qualified candidates and by contacting people in the work disciplines and businesses where qualified candidates are most likely to be. We do not rely on unsolicited resume flow or blind ads. The talented people we approach are generally not looking for a new position. Most likely, they have not circulated their resumes, nor are they currently reading help-wanted ads. They are the two-thirds of the qualified workforce who are unreachable except through a custom-recruiting approach. They are, however, people who may be interested in an opportunity when it is brought to their attention in a professional and discreet manner.

Recruiting and Evaluating Candidates

Sourcing Spring recruiting assignments rely on our knowledge of the industries and occupational disciplines in which we recruit and use sophisticated computer technology to manage large amounts of information.

We interview and pre-screen every qualified candidate. Candidate summaries include written candidate evaluation as well as any candidate submitted materials, detailed career review and consultant assessment.

On request, we will conduct optional assessments. These are extremely thorough and effective, proprietary assessment tools developed by our colleagues in The Devine Group.

Once we have identified potential candidates, we perform in-depth interviews with each to determine if they meet all client requirements. Additionally we will uncover any personal or family issues that would restrict the candidate’s ability to join our client. In evaluating potential candidates, we:

  • Match the candidate’s educational, professional and occupational skills to our client’s specific job requirements and needs.
  • Confirm that the candidate’s past experience and successes will effectively contribute to achieving our client’s current and future goals.
  • Verify that a candidate’s personal style will complement the corporate culture and will mesh well with the hiring manager’s personality.
  • Evaluate the candidate’s long-term potential to take on additional responsibilities beyond the current needs.

Our inquiries are made in strict confidence, and your company is not identified until a candidate expresses definite interest in the position. If we feel there is a fit, we then take steps to recruit the candidate.

Presenting Candidates: Interview and Selection

As candidates express interest in the opportunity, we evaluate each against the 5 Star Search Process criteria for the open position. We present for interview only those individuals who best fit the assignment pro-file. We will perform preliminary reference checks and education/certification validations prior to presenting the candidate.

All candidates at this stage have been fully vetted and meet the agreed definition plus an indication of the cultural fit, saving the client hundreds of hours of effort. The preferred candidates are presented for the client interview. The interview format is defined and references are checked.

After the interview or interviews, we debrief both you and the candidate, and then follow up to ascertain the candidate’s interest, provide additional information and resolve any misunderstandings. We assist in composing and extending the offer and in negotiating any changes. When needed, we can also provide relocation assistance and cost-of-living comparisons. Once the offer is extended, we stay in constant touch with the candidate and his or her family to resolve remaining issues and facilitate a prompt acceptance and early starting date.


The fifth and final stage includes negotiations with the selected candidate on the client’s behalf, assistance drafting an offer letter and post-hire follow-up.  We advise and assist the candidate to provide verbal and written notification to present employer.

Additional services available include Executive Coaching and Onboarding, both carefully structured to have the new hire contributing as quickly as possible.

Weekly Status Reports

Another step that distinguishes us from the competition is the 20-30 minute weekly status reports we provide.  The weekly exchange helps to sharpen our understanding of key attributes for success in candidates.  This enhances the resultant quality of candidates and helps to assure a perfect match.