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Directors that will drive your organization forward.

Boards at our bow.

Sourcing Spring assists top companies in locating, recruiting and enhancing director level leadership.  We know the pressure on boards is constant from all stakeholders, both internal and external, excellence is expected.  The selection of seasoned top leadership is paramount and there is no room for failure.  We execute precisely and guarantee our work.

Bringing the very best to your door from across the world.

The marketplace is unavoidably global and top talent exists throughout those borders.  As an affiliate of Cornerstone International Group we have 70 offices in 40 countries; we have a reach that can only be matched by the largest brands in the world.

We work for you, not your competition.

We limit the number of searches we take on to ensure that we have no conflict of interest and devote our best resources to your search every time.  This practice ensures that every candidate we present for your board will only be seen by you.  You will get the cream of the crop tailored for your needs from top industry and academic backgrounds as related and matched to your specifications functionally, technically and culturally.

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